Introduction to Marketing Strategies

Welcome to Dojo 1 Introduction to Marketing Strategies

In this section you’re going to watch a series of videos introducing you to the nine steps to developing a marketing strategy. I have included some downloads as well, so make sure you go below the video and look for the PDF’s, they’re free.

Below you will find nine steps;

  • Step 1 Covers the importance of trust in the markets.
  • Step 2 Covers how to develop your story to build trust.
  • Step 3 We cover how to develop an understanding of your marketplace.
  • Step 4 I teach you how to demonstrate to your clients the importance of why you started your business. And showing your clients the passion you have for starting your business. We will talk about people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zucker Berg Tony Hise, etc.
  • Step 5 Projecting your strong point of view and why it is important that your customers understand your strong point of view.
  • Step 6 I teach you how to create your own proprietary verbiage
  • Step 7. We create our own marketing channel.
  • Step 8 We learn how to make our clients, our loudspeakers for our business.
  • Step 9 We learn the importance of having a mentor

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