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As you all probably know, a sensei is a teacher. Right now you are probably asking yourself; “Why would I need a sensei and why should I listen to you?” I am not claiming to be a guru or a master. My particular skill set is that I am able to take complex ideas, break them down into a simple concise format that you can understand and use to bring profits to your business.

Not only will I teach you how to leverage the Internet to make your business more profitable online, I will also teach you how to leverage your business off-line. Over the past 35 years of being in business myself and having several businesses I have studied the masters of marketing.  Everyone from Jay Abraham to Dan Kennedy, Jim Cochran, Frank Kern, and Peter Drucker; the list goes on and on…

Applying and testing those ideas have led me to a comfortable lifestyle, even in the worst of times. Now I feel it is time to share the expertise and strategies of the greatest marketers of the world with you. I break down the best strategies, and present them in a no fluff easy to understand concise format.

Each idea or strategy is broken down into 6 to 12 min. modules, some with downloadable PDF’s. I also give you examples of how to apply or how some other businesses applied the strategies with great success. At the end of each lesson, I give you an outline or a recap of the lesson and how to apply to your business. Some of the lessons will stimulate your imagination, and bring back the passion you had when you opened your business.

Oh yeah Did I mention that the Members Area of the website is FREE?

The website is very unique, in that I have included an enormous amount of free information, from videos to downloadable reports and training, all for the small business owner to leverage his business online and off-line.

You’re probably wondering why I would do this; the reason is simple. Not only am I a teacher, but I’m a speaker, author, business coach, and SEO professional.

My services are available for those that wish to hire me.  I know there will be a few of you, but for those who dont quite have the resources yet, by applying some of the strategies on my website, you will gain the resources needed to possibly hire me in the future.

What I have put together for the small business owner is an incredible resource.

This resource helps the small business owner to not only grow his business, but to understand the problems and the mistakes that most small business owners make. I talked to several business owners, and they all have the same story: They tell me that these are troubling times, and all theyre trying to do is get through the bad economy.

I completely understand where theyre coming from, but Id like to introduce an idea to those listening: You see there has never been a better time to be in business than right now.

Some of you may think thats an insane statement; let me explain.

Id like to compare these times to a race. I want you to imagine that youre preparing for a race, a marathon, and that the forecast for the marathon is a little bleak. It’s reported that the weather is supposed to be cold, the roads are supposed to have potholes, and the availability of water is scarce on that day.

You are training to win the race, because if you if you win the race, you will receive $100,000.

You get an inside tip from somebody who has had these races before. They inform you that most of the racers are feeling a little down because of the forecast, and most of the racers just want to get through the race. Most of the racers have said theyre going to walk and just plan on finishing the race, until next year, when the conditions might be better.

Heres my analogy. In business in these times when the economy is considered bad, most business owners are like those racers who decided that all they want to do is get through the race. Most business owners tell me all I want to do is get through these times: Ive downsized, Ive minimized, Ive cut costs, Ive done everything I can just to get through these times.

Think about the racer thats preparing to win. How difficult do you think it is for that racer that doesnt have the bleak outlook of all the other racers? But has a clear goal and strategy in place to win the race.

That is exactly what, Ninja Marketing website is going to teach you.

Not only will you have the strategies and techniques to win the race, you will have all the tools as well. And if you would like a personal coach, I am here to help you. You see when times are bad; there has always been a small group of businesses that have excelled, even in the Great Depression. Why? Because they had the tools and strategies I am going to show you.

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